Forex rebate or cashback is the same thing. You pay spread to the Broker for every trading operation. If you work under our FBS Rebate Service IB partner’s group 1027524 the Broker pays us a part of this spread for attracting clients. We give you back 90% of our commission and this is called the forex rebate or forex cashback.

Yes, you can. Just register on our website. After that you will be attached to FBS Rebate Service IB group for having the highest rebate!
Yes, our service absolutely free. Moreover, we pay you for working in our partner’s group.

Yes,  you can have all your IB commission from your downline clients (10 usd per 1 lot) + rebate 90% from us for your personal trading.

You will receive your rebate to your trading account in FBS. You can withdraw this money by all payment methods that FBS provides.
The rebate is paid weekly on Mondays during the day.  
No, we guarantee that your spreads and commissions remain the same.
Your extra income depends on the size of your trading operation and the trading instrument. You can learn how much rebate you will receive using the Rebate calculator on our website.
The FBS Rebate Service is the official partner and certified Rebate Service of FBS Inc. You get the best rebate rates and you know who you are dealing with.