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Trading Strategies on Forex

FBS Rebate Service broadcasts the trading signals of the largest Banks like Citi, JP Morgan, Barclays etc. on its Telegram channel.

Trading signals is certain recommendations from FBS Rebate Service for FBS forex traderswhich advice the entry points, stop loss and take profit levels for opening positions.If you become a member of our IB group you will receive forex trading signals on our Telegram channel for free!

FX trading signals

FX trading signals is very good for newbie traders and forex beginners. That is the opportunityfor them to act like the professional traders without any efforts. After you subscribe, you cancopy all orders of the market leaders.

FBS Rebate Service performs as the forex trading signals provider. We are the partners forskillful traders also who don’t want to miss the profit. It is quite difficult to watch all the marketmoves and analyze the situation. Copying the orders of the leading Banks you have much morechances for profitable trades!

Using the best trading signals you can reduce emotions and it is very important for successfultrading. The influence of the human factor on decision-making is minimized. Trader actsprovidently which is important for earning.

Reliable forex signals

All FX Signals are much reliable. Every order has its fundamental idea, proper points of entry andstop loss and take profit levels. Most of the gold trading signals are long term. It is not for scalping oreven intraday trading.

Placing the order, the Banks analyze the current situation, make professional technical analysis, and onlyafter that the order is published.

As a forex signal provider, FBS Rebate Service cooperates with Thomson Reuters – the world wideleading analytical agency in the financial field. That’s why we give the opportunity to get the mostaccurate trading signals.

Forex trading tips for using strategy “Trading with the largest Banks”

Using the best trading signals from the largest Banks you can choose which Banks to follow.You can copy all orders or just choose several Banks for your trading.

If you decide to follow this long term forex trading strategy, then it is important to copy theBank’s orders systematically. We advise to make orders of the similar amount per 1 deal. Don’tforget about risk management. Don’t make big orders. In this case your risks will be limited andchances to earn profit will be huge.

And remember that you can have some extra profit from your each trade as a rebate.


Why do traders mostly lose money on Forex

They can't make fundamental and technical analysis by themselves;

They can't cope with their emotions and fix small profit but wait for big loss;

They don't understand what happening on the market;

They violate the risk management;

As the result - losses or even total loss of all deposit;

There is the Solution!

You simply need to understand how the major players (Banks) perform their trades and how they analyse the market..

The Banks - are the market!

Understanding of their way of taking the decision - is the first step to become a successful trader.

You'll be Trading With the Market, but not against it...

All you need - is to join them!

FBS Rebate Service broadcast the trading signals of largest banks on telegram channel.

Every order has its fundamental idea, proper points of entry and SL and TP levels. The signals are long term. It is not for scalping or even intraday trading.

  • The results 2017 year trading
  • The results of 2016 year trading

1 Place Nomura (1406 pips profit)


2 Place ABN AMRO (1033 pips profit)


3 Place JP Morgan (915 pips profit)


1 Place Morgan Stanley (2533 pips profit)


2 Place Citi (2462 pips profit)


3 Place Credit Suisse (1479 pips profit)

How to trade with the Banks (Tips for trading this strategy):
  1. Choose 1-3 banks to follow.
  2. Copy the orders of chosen Banks systematically.
  3. The deals are long term. It is not for scalping or even intraday trading.
  4. Make orders of the similar amount.
  5. Trade with Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  6. Don't forget about risk management.
  7. Don't make big orders.

You can get the subscription for Telegram Channel for free!

Free Subscription

We give access to Telegram channel for free to our FBS Rebate Service IB group members.

Join our IB group and you will have the highest rebate rates up to 72 usd per 1 lot + trading signals from the largest Banks.

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