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Rebate Rate: 90% starBest rate
Payment Method: Automated on trading account
Accrual Period: Weekly
Account transfer: Available
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Rebate rates

Micro Account
Up to $72/lot
Cent Account
Up to $9/lot
Standard Account
Up to $9/lot
Zero Spread Account
Up to $9/lot
FBS trader
Up to $9/lot
Up to $4.5/lot

The main things about Rebate Program

We give you Cashback 90% of IB commission which is the highest rates on the market
We pay on winning and losing trades also
Weekly automated payments on your trading account in FBS
You can join for rebate with your existing FBS personal area. No need to open new one
You can have professional trading signals and analytics from the largest Banks like Citi, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan etc. with 70% rebate
Clients from more than 60 countries already receive extra profit with us
We provide 24/5 dedicated support. Friendly and professional team always ready to help

How Rebate Works

How rebate works
  • We invite people to trade with FBS Broker.
  • Broker shares with us a part of the spread or commission that you pay for every transaction.
  • We pay you back a part of that fee, even if the trade is in loss.

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Learn how much extra income you can earn.

We were awarded by FBS in the following nominations:


FBS Rebate Service IB group is a TOP partner of FBS Inc.


Best rebate service 2018


Best rebate service 2017


We are official partner and certified rebate service of FBS Inc.

Our team

Fedor Vorobev

Fedor Vorobev

CEO of FBS Rebate Service

Sergey Zelenkin

Sergey Zelenkin

CTO of FBS Rebate Service

Andrei Levchenko

Andrei Levchenko

Support Team Manager


Yulia Ivanova
Yulia Ivanova

Chief Operating Officer  of FBS Inc

FBS Rebate Service is our certified partner since 2015. The company proved itself as a reliable and honest business associate. We look forward for the long term cooperation and wish our colleagues and clients all the best.

Anna Bezuevskaya
Anna Bezuevskaya

Head of affiliate network of FBS Inc 

FBS Rebate Service is the team of experienced professioanls that are trustworthy and highly customer-oriented. Their relentless passion to work and enthusiasm ensure endless opportunities and the best guaranted solutions for their customers. It is our pleasure to build strong and loyal partner relationship with them.

Angela Gruzdova
Angela Gruzdova

PR and Event manager of FBS Inc

I can describe FBS Rebate Service and people who work on this project as a team that displays initiative, energy and enthusiasm during every day work. This is exactly what we expect from our IBs.

Lutfu Daloglu
Lutfu Daloglu

Affiliate manager of FBS Inc

FBS Rebate Service is our reliable and professional partner that once you join, you get the best services ever. They are customer oriented and provide the highest rebate rates for their clients in the market. I would strongly recommend them if you are looking for good service and good rebate rates!

Irina Solei
Irina Solei

Affiliate manager of FBS Inc

After several years of productive partnership, we can proudly say that FBS Rebate Service gives our customers what they expect – the highest rebate rates that ever existed in the market. Choosing FBS Rebate Service you choose a team of reliable professionals who think customer first.

Alina Khabibulina
Alina Khabibulina

Affiliate manager of FBS Inc

Here are so many partners who we cooperate with; They are from different countries and work on different fields. What I can tell about FBS Rebate Service is that this is such a reliable IB, who knows how to work in a smart way, how to deal with business and who always meets our expectations as a broker.

Fedor Vorobev
Fedor Vorobev

CEO of FBS Rebate Service

Thank You for your partnership and trust. One of the key objectives of our company is to provide You with the first class service. We strive to be the best on the market. Wish You a successful trading. We will make it more profitable with our service!

3 Easy steps to get rebate

Trade as usual
Receive rebate
Register for rebate

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Access your rebate personal area from any place


What is forex rebate or forex cashback?

Forex rebate or cashback is the same thing. You pay spread to the Broker for every trading operation. If you work under our FBS Rebate Service IB partner’s group 1027524 the Broker pays us a part of this spread for attracting clients. We give you back 90% of our commission and this is called the forex rebate or forex cashback.

I already have an account in FBS, can I receive the rebate?

Yes, you can. Just register on our website. After that you will be attached to FBS Rebate Service IB group for having the highest rebate!

Is your service free of charge?

Yes, our service absolutely free. Moreover, we pay you for working in our partner’s group.

I am FBS IB... Can i have rebate also?

Yes, you can have all your IB commission from your downline clients (10 usd per 1 lot) + rebate 90% from us for your personal trading.

How I will receive my rebate?

You will receive your rebate to your trading account in FBS. You can withdraw this money by all payment methods that FBS provides.

When the rebate is paid?

The rebate is paid weekly on Mondays during the day.

Does trading in FBS Rebate Service IB partner’s group 1027524 influence on my spreads and commissions?

No, we guarantee that your spreads and commissions remain the same.

How much extra income will I earn per transaction?

Your extra income depends on the size of your trading operation and the trading instrument. You can learn how much rebate you will receive using the Rebate calculator on our website.

Why should I choose FBS Rebate Service?

The FBS Rebate Service is the official partner and certified Rebate Service of FBS Inc. You get the best rebate rates and you know who you are dealing with.

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