FBS 123 $ Bonus İnceleme

DİKKAT! 123 $ Bonus artık mevcut değil.

Hoşgeldin Bonus 123 $ - hemen dene!

FBS Broker, gerçek para olmadan işlem yapmanın harika bir yoludur - Depozito yok 123 $ Bonus. Forex piyasasına başlamanın muhteşem yolu.

Hoşgeldin 123 $ Bonus hesabı açarsanız işlemleriniz için bonus olarak 123 USD alabilirsiniz.

Category For traders
Bonus amount 123 usd
Your profit Unlimited
Bonus trading period 7 days 
Promotion period Unlimited
Terms and Conditions No verification and contact details required

Trade for 7 days with this bonus. After 7 days of trading the balance will be reduced to 0, the bonus will be canceled. Your profit from the 123$ bonus Account will be recorded in your FBS Personal area.


After the Bonus is Canceled, 123$ Bonus Account will be changed to Unlimited account.


On the first day of the following month you will be able to withdraw as much profit received with the bonus funds as many lots you have traded X3.


For example, if you trade 50 lots within a month, then you can withdraw a $150 profit received with Bonus money.