About FBS Rebate Service

FBS Rebate Service is one of the leading FBS IB groups which provide 90% forex cashback for FBS Traders and IB`s!

Our IB group was founded in June 2015. The headquarter of FBS Rebate Service is in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

FBS Rebate Service is the official partner and rebate service of FBS inc. We give back 90% of our IB commission for FBS traders. Also we care about your profit trading and we provide trading signals of the world wide Banks, such as Citi, JP Morgan, Barclays etc. More info about it here: https://fbs-rebate.com/trading-signals

It is free for our IB group members. Some additional services also available for you. We give for free some forex tools (Traders Dream indicator for MT4), some EA (Be Free Premium, Manual Trader EA) and risk management info and advice if needed. 


Category For FBS traders
Rebate Rates up to 72 usd per 1 lot
Rebate receiving dates Weekly on Mondays
Period Not limited (life time)
Terms and Conditions Rebate is fully withdrawable

How to join FBS Rebate Service IB group for rebate and other services:

  • Apply for rebate on our website www.fbs-rebate.com;
  • Wait for confirmation that your account is connected to rebate;
  • We will send you the link to Telegram channel with trading signals from Banks in the confirmation email.
  • If you need free forex tools and EA — please conatct us [email protected]

We care about your profit trading!